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How Secure Are Your Doors?

Testing with experienced security experts showed that a standard cylinder lock could be breached in under 10 seconds, while one of our high security locks withstood nearly 3 minutes of sustained attacks with a variety of tools. One of the most common methods used by burglars is the lock snapping technique, where they physically remove the cylinder lock with pliers and force.

Thanks to the unique segmented design – complete with redundant sections and Lock Down Mode™ – our high security locks can resist these attacks, and even function after the lock face has been damaged or removed. By combining a high security lock with a New Windows security door, you can prevent your home from even sustained break-in attempts, keeping your family and property safe from harm and theft.

High Security Locks

New Windows sell a huge variety of secure uPVC doors, windows and conservatories, but what good is a composite security door when it’s fitted with a flimsy lock? By partnering with one of the UK’s finest cylinder lock producers, New Windows can secure your home against burglars and heat loss alike with our range of security doors and high security locks. These optional high security locks grant extra security through the use of dense alloys and multiple redundant sections that provide award-winning security even after several break-in attempts.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, 73% of burglars enter through doors, meaning that security doors with high security locks will deter most burglars. Furthermore, if you opt for a more intimidating-looking security door, you will be able to deter most burglars from even attempting to break into your home.

Key Caps

After installing security doors, the second most important part of keeping your home secure is keeping track of your keys. With New Windows’ range of multifunctional key caps, you can customise your keys for each door or each person with a set and track them all over the world with Bluetooth!

Available in a wide variety of colour combinations, you can make your keys easily identifiable by door or person and visible in low-light conditions with night bright key caps. Additionally, the optional Bluetooth tracking features allow you to track down your key caps with a dedicated app use an alert to pinpoint their location in a room, for example.

Approved By Everyone

New Windows have partnered with the finest producers of high security locks and key caps to bring you unrivalled security, insulation and aesthetic appeal in our wide range of products. Our partners have been awarded some of the highest honours from security advisory bodies including the Master Locksmith Association and the UK Police Secured by Design initiative.

The cylinder high security locks sold by New Windows have been tested to the highest standards and are proudly endorsed by senior organisations in the security and consumer rights industries, including:

  • The Master Locksmith Association awarded these locks the Sold Secure Diamond Rating for lock cylinders, the highest possible rating from the Sold Secure initiative.
  • They have been approved by Secured by Design, the official UK Police flagship initiative which combines physical security with the principle of ‘designing out crime’.
  • The British Standards Institution (BSI) awarded these high security locks the 3 Star Kitemark – the highest security rating provided – as they withstood 5 types of attacks during testing.

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